What if there was a better way to take care of your health?

What if instead of following the latest wellness trends, we could embrace an approach that feels balanced and sustainable for ourselves and our families?

There’s no right or wrong in the way you choose to raise your family, and only you know what works and doesn’t work for you. But there are things that we, as modern women, should know in order to make informed decisions and empowered choices.

Hi, I'm Emma.

I'm a qualified Pharmacist, a Functional Medicine Practitioner and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. In my practice, I guide women and their families to debunk health fads, and create the ideal balance between body, mind, soul and heart – because loving the journey is key to enjoying health and vitality.

Honestly Emma is a platform where I share my expertise as a health practitioner who chose a more conscious and natural approach to motherhood and healthy living. 

My story

When I fell pregnant with my first baby six years ago, I embarked on a journey that completely changed the way I see conventional medicine. Having grown up in and out of hospitals with severe asthma – and knowing how hard that was on my parents – I wanted to explore whether there was a way to ensure my baby didn’t develop this ‘genetic’ condition. What followed was the discovery of a totally new outlook for treating, and more importantly, avoiding common health issues. One that is more mindful, less intrusive and possible to sustain.

This journey opened up a whole new universe of self-care practices that have allowed me to tap into an abundant well of inner vitality, and that discovery is what I want to share with you.

Equipped with the research I’ve done as a Pharmacist and Functional Medicine Practitioner (plus my hands on experience as a mother of three!), I’ve developed a method where energy and ease are available, if you choose so. Self-care and self-love will become second nature. And mother’s guilt? Well, we can work on that too.

Do you have trouble visualising this in your life? You’re not alone. As a modern woman you can feel that a multitude of external demands are placed on your time, your energy and your body. You may even find your connection to your family, your life and your own heart are suffering. In trying to be all things to all people, a heavy toll is imposed on your health and happiness.

Honestly Emma is a resource for women who want to take charge of their own wellness.

A place where you learn about how to provide a healthy start to your child’s life, and develop a compassionate relationship with yourself and others while you do it.

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I look forward to helping you enjoy your own radiant health.