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 Time to get your mojo back!

The secret to slowing down, glowing from within and living life in flow, is all about getting your body humming baby. 

Whether you are in a funk and know you can feel better, or you have serious health issues – I am here to help.

I’m ready to support you to discover more energy, more vitality and more balance, than you knew was possible.

It’s time. YOUR time.

Let’s do it!


Can you relate?

I help women of all ages with complicated health issues, through to women who just need help to get focused and transition to a healthier way of life.

Using a Functional Medicine framework, I use a personalised mind-body approach, to help you discover a more conscious and mindful approach to health and self-care. I help women recover from fatigue by discovering the root cause of their issues. There are a myriad of reasons why you could be feeling tired, and I use a proven framework to get to the bottom of your unique concerns.

Some of the issues that I help women with are:

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I am especially passionate about supporting mama’s, yet-to-be mama’s and pregnant mama’s.

I know the physical toll pregnancy and breastfeeding has on your body. Post Natal Depletion is a very real thing, and I love helping mama’s find their mojo again. The effects of the depletion can hang around for a long time. Sometimes that might be 5-10 years after giving birth!

I help women identify these signs and understand how they relate to the inner workings of their bodies, to create a personal path to get their mojo back!

It may be common to be tired as a mother, but that doesn’t mean it’s “normal”.

I help women rediscover their energy and live life fully alive!

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