Debunking health & wellness through
science + nourishment + self-love



Your family's health history matters, but it doesn't define you.

Armed with 15 years of scientific background, Emma guides women to understand their unique bodies, and take charge of their own health.



If you listen carefully, what are you truly hungry for?

Feeding your temple the Whole Foods and Soul Foods that work for you, is the foundation to a lifestyle that inspires and supports your dreams.



What's the overlap between your mind, body and heart? 

Health is more than your genes and the food you eat. The magic happens when you understand the missing piece that so many women neglect.


Hi, I'm Emma.
I'm so happy that you're here.

My work stems from a frustration and a desire.  After 15 years studying and practicing as a Pharmacist, I could no longer perpetuate the culture of popping pills to “make it better”.  

I knew my family would be happier and healthier if I could teach them to embrace a more mindful and less intrusive approach to their wellbeing.

Honestly Emma is a platform devoted to sharing a new map to health. One that values the individual as a whole, and integrates the best of Western Medicine with alternative practices that make sense.

Interested in learning more about my background and approach?

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